New open design competition

Designers Saturday Oslo invites: Please help us and inform all your designers about:
New open design competition - win EUR 10 000!
To mark its 25th year anniversary, Designers Saturday Oslo will be making an extra effort to promote and focus on excellent design in 2011. Our ambition is that the design competition Unlimited Design will serve as a venue for launching exciting and as yet unseen design concepts into the realm of the commercial market. Participation is open to professionals and students, from all countries world-wide.
Unlimited Design is a design competition with unlimited bounds for design within the categories furniture, lighting, flooring and textile design.
We are proud to present a highly qualified international jury:
Monica Förster, Industrial designer, Monica Förster Design Studio, Sweden
Satyendra Pakhalé, Industrial designer, Atelier Satyendra Pakholé, India/ the Netherlands 
Walter Bettens, Co-founding Editor DAMn° magazine – DAMnation Ltd, Belgium
Steinar Hindenes, Furniture designer MNIL, Knudsen & Hindenes, Norway

The jury may redirect the total award sum amongst the winning entries. The jury’s decision is final and not debatable. The winners will be announced late in August at the opening press conference for Designers Saturday. The date is not yet finalized. The award ceremony will take place at Designers Night (party for Designers Saturday participants), September 3, 2011.
Practical information and registration
Design entries must be original works and not have been previously exhibited or published. They must not be in production. Entries are to be submitted as full scale prototypes and received at the Oslo Academy of the Arts, within August 23, 2011. For more practical information and registration, please visit