DIrk Somers og Ville Kokkonen til Designers´ Saturday

Dirk S Omers
Dirk S Omers
Dirk S Omers
Dirk S Omers

Designers´ Saturday er glade for samarbeidet med Dirk Somers og Ville Kokkonen, to svært anerkjente kreative innen hvert sitt fagfelt. Dirk Somers har fungert som jurysjef for DS Awards Best Interior og Ville Kokkonen for Best Talents. Begge vil de også delta med forelesninger under TALKS og åpningen på Nasjonalmuseet fredag 10. september.

DS Awards Best Interiors, Head of Jury

Dirk Somers

‘When looking for the Interiors jury, we needed to consider someone with a broader understanding of the field, and an appreciation for the complexity of projects we are dealing with. Dirk Somers comes across as a highly interesting voice in this respect. His office has been working with an expansive range of projects from city scale to interior transformations. And also, in my view interestingly with an unorthodox approach, where the work is highly contextual yet surprising and ambiguous at the same time. It is easy to relate to and simultaneously it makes one unease. By bringing Dirk into Oslo, I am hoping to enrich our debate on the current challenges in contextualising our interiors practices.’, envisages Professor Toni Kauppila, who is also member in the DS Best Interiors jury together with Oslo-based architect Amandine Kastler.

Dirk Somers and his office Bovenbouw Architectuur is working on a rich oeuvre of highly developed works that can count on acclaim both nationally and internationally. Bovenbouw's work is based on the tension between thinking and acting, between present and past, and between exoticism and everyday life. The repertoire consists of public buildings, housing and urban development projects from intermediate to large scale. However, Bovenbouw also has a fascination for historical heritage and can add several ongoing and completed renovation projects.

Bovenbouw's work has already been shown at various exhibitions in Venice, Munich, Mendrisio, Aachen, London and Antwerp.

Currently Bovenbouw is presenting the 'Composite Presence' exhibition in the Belgian pavilion at Venice in the Biennale Architettura 2021.

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Ville Kokkonen SCALED

DS Awards Best Talents, Head of Jury

Ville Kokkonen

‘I have learned to know Ville well over the years as a multifaceted design professional operating with a wide range of projects. He is also truly cosmopolitan with a good sensibility what it means to operate in diverse cultural frameworks. Furthermore Ville’s interest to span his activities between the industry and the academia is very apparent, and comes also across in his research based approach for design tasks. So, when I was thinking who to invite for the DS Best Talents jury, Ville was an obvious choice. Someone that understands the various aspects of change, that our fields are going through, and also someone who appreciates the leap young designers are facing as entering the rapidly changing design profession.’, says Professor Toni Kauppila, the board member of the Designers’ Saturday and the responsible for the DS Academy activites.

Ville Kokkonen is a Finnish industrial designer. His Swiss-based office centers on a project portfolio that is driven by technological and scientific discovery. Kokkonen´s work, which integrates multiple disciplines, spans crafts, product design, material, and cultural research, applied sciences and engineering. His works are often result of examined projections towards healthier living conditions. Kokkonen has lectured in numerous institutions and 2017-2021 held a Professorship in furniture design, at Aalto University, School of Arts Design and Architecture.