Designers' Saturday Collab - Open Call

We invite all designers to participate in DS Collab. Over the years we have built up a large network of talented designers and great manufacturers. By matching designers and manufacturers, we hope to contribute to a creative process around the development of a new prototype or further development of an existing idea. Have a look at the briefs below and contact the manufactures directly before the 1st of September 2022.

FORA FORM NO logo 1929 black

Fora Form is one of Scandinavia leading experts in meeting spaces based on Norwegian values such as democratic processes, trust and equality. For these settings Fora Form manufacture furniture such as tables, chairs and sofas. Some might call us experts in the contract market and the requirements for these areas. All our original designs are designed to make people work better together and thrive in their organizations.

Fora Form is looking into making accessories for the contract market: However what would be the perfect accessory based on the Fora Form brand promise of “creating engaging meeting spaces” and with Fora Form's vision of “Interaction through innovation and design wherever people meet”. What would the object that gets the conversation going be? Can a design be a conversation starter, and what would that object be?

Contact person:

Pål Eid-Hviding
[email protected]
+47 95 21 22 53

Northern wordmark

The Northern brand was born in the studios of Northern Lighting, where a team of creatives have been illuminating lives for a decade. Their collection includes furniture, lighting and accessories. Inspired by the pale beauty and rough-cut contrasts of the North, the Oslo-based brand is Nordic in spirit, yet global in style.

We want to produce a small series of lamps consisting of a table lamp and pendant.
The table lamp should be able to stand in a window frame, the pendants should be able to be hung in the same window which means it should not be too big. The pendant should also be able to function in a group / cluster
Pendant: Light down and possibly out
Table: Light down and possibly out.
Light source LED

Think environmental friendliness, production and transport friendliness.

The lamps shall contribute to Northern's collection with beautiful mood light and an exciting design language, which fits into the Northern universe.

Materials: Metal. Glass, (small glass), textile, wood, stone.

Contact person:
Jonas Norheim
[email protected]

Massimo copenhagen logo

Massimo believes that any interior can be elevated with uplifting colours and pleasant textures. At Massimo we do it one rug at a time and with the greatest of attention to design, quality, sustainability – and you.

Because all great results start with a dialogue, quality and empathy. For more than 20 years Massimo has focused on creating handmade rugs for both private homes, public spaces as well as developers.

We approach every inquiry with the same attention and curiosity, whether the best solution is one of our signature quality rugs always on stock or a one-of-a kind bespoke rug designed and made especially for the occasion.

We cannot and we will not deny our Scandinavian origin. We have a passion for subtle, natural colour schemes and long-lasting functional design – but are not afraid to challenge and tempt with a bolder, more colorful alternative.

After all, a rug is the soul of a room – and some souls are simply more hot-spirited.

Massimo have the last years had success with designer collaboration, and are now looking for a new one. It is an open brief, so by interpreting the brand and collection we are looking for new exiting design proposals to elevate the collection even further.

Contact person:
Chim Scavenius Sonne-Schmidt
[email protected]
+45 61 69 81 69

About Polyflor

  • 18 dedicated employees
  • We deliver floors to the project market
  • We great competence and knowledge of flooring
  • We are concerned with ethical trade and good environmental solutions

We want help to develop one or more custom rugs adapted / inspired by Fjordfiesta's Norwegian design furniture, especially the Sverre Fehn collection.

Materials shall be picked from Object Carpet, a German carpet manufacturer with a high focus on the environment.

Logo u adress svart

Ateljé Lyktan was founded by the architect Hans Bergström in 1934. The head office and factory are located in Åhus, which is located by the Baltic Sea in Skåne. Lamps and lighting solutions have been produced here for over 88 years and the well-stocked archive has defined Swedish design over the last century. But Ateljé Lyktan does not rest on old merits, but we are constantly busy creating the next generation of lighting.

Ateljé Lyktan puts light, people and the environment at the center. The importance of light for human activity and well-being is our driving force. With our solid lighting knowledge and our wide range, we create innovative, energy-efficient and sustainable products. It is a responsibility we have and a contribution we make to the world around us.

Task: What is the morning lighting? We would like help to develop;

  • Pendant lamp for ambient light in restaurant / lounge / eating room
  • The product should contribute to create a cozy feeling in the room
  • Work with the visible surface / reduce the surface / sober light transmission
  • The product should also provide a good functional light

Contact person:

Richard Dahlen, Regional Manager
[email protected]
+ 47 97 73 45 93