Decoratori Bassanesi

DS 03 Segments small coal1
DS 05 LINEA blu denim platinum brunito
DS 01 Colours Beige 01
DS 02 Colours Black closeup
DS 04 Segments small plus large bone3
DS 06 LINEA cinnamon blue part2
DS 07 LDV Venezia wallpaper pioggia Mirror MUD
DS 08 LDV mirror Laguna gret
DS 09 LDV Rialto Riflesso ice ambiente

Narrating the poetry of the ceramic surface to markets around the world

Tradition and modernity meets to create unique collections that enhance and complete spaces, including local craftsmanship, planning and international aesthetic vision. Two souls that proceed along a single path, two different approaches for one single product.

From the research of the designers come products and creations capable of transmitting an architectural and decorative character. Efficiency, technology and style dress the surfaces with the ability to develop creative process from the idea to form. Creating collections of tiles linked together, cohesive, modular and compatible.