Erik Jørgensen

16 FF 2021 Calmo Clay12 mono linen OX Pal
EJ delphi spanishchair islets 2020 2226
EJ corona monopouf pal 2020
FF2021 EJ280 Islets Pon Mono
EJ ox balck pal 2020
M6 D6361
EJ 100 Ox production Elisabeth Heier lowres 03
FF2021 Delphi Tableau Spanish Locus

Erik Jørgensen was founded in 1954 by saddler and designer Erik Jørgensen. During the 1970s, the company was considered a frontrunner in Danish furniture design. Jørgensen earned a reputation for his remarkable upholstery skills, inventive upholstered furniture and unsurpassed expertise in Scandinavia with sofas.

In October 2020, Fredericia acquired the Danish furniture manufacturer Erik Jørgensen. A company with a long, renowned history of Danish design, with an approach to quality and craftsmanship that goes hand in hand with Fredericia’s.

The Ox Chair by Hans J. Wegner is a prime example. Originally launched in 1960, it only remained in production for a limited number of years due to the extremely demanding construction. In the late 1980s, Wegner reached out to Jørgensen, who rose to the occasion with an inventive solution. This led to the Ox Chair’s relaunch in 1988 with unprecedented success.

With Fredericia’s acquisition of Erik Jørgensen, the outcome is one company with combined areas of expertise from both. Reflecting their mutual passion for materiality and background in craftsmanship, seen in classic and contemporary designs with a sculptural elegance.