Spanish Chair Piloti Calmo Clay12 Pal
2019 07 01 Fredericia48607 2226
FF Complements 2 lys
B Mhus Biblioteksbord J39 6271
16 FF 2021 Calmo Clay12 mono linen OX Pal
FF 2021 J39 silhouette taro locus
FF Complements 1
FF 2021 Swoon Savoy 66165 Pal Sequoia Carlotto200



Studio Skøi

Drammensveien 120/130

Fredericia is a family-owned company founded in 1911. Their history is deeply rooted in the development of Scandinavian furniture design and production. Several of Fredericia's products have become indisputable classics, and a large portion of their collection has been in continuous production for decades.

Fredericia has been developing new products throughout the company’s history, spanning over 100 years. As a result, not only do they have an impressive design archive, they also have a profound knowledge and understanding of furniture design, which has been passed on from generation to generation.

Inspired by the creative power of long-lasting relationships, such as their close collaboration with Mogensen, Fredericia continues to see designer collaborations as partnerships based on a deep mutual trust - forming a creative culture characterized by the integrity of design, artistic expression, material expertise and industry knowledge. Always in an effort to create sustainable furniture that encourages human wellbeing wherever people live, work and relax.