Hjorth ikonen halvar I 60x50
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Oaki lounge light oak in sand Northern photo Chris Tonnesen Low res 990x1400
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Hausmanns gate 16

The new face of Norwegian design and craft.

Novooi is a virtual space for discovering Norwegian design and craft. Rooted in Norwegian heritage with a focus on sustainability, our collection includes furniture, lighting, textiles, ceramics and artworks made by established and emerging artisans from across Norway. Our online shop lets consumers buy objects directly from the artisans and brands. Our diverse programme of online and in-real-life exhibitions is dedicated to nurturing engagements, offering you an authentic and enriching encounter with Norway.

Visit our premiér exhibition “Hyttekontor – work from nature” at DogA, featuring objects from Bergskog, Elementa, ESP, Johanne Birkeland, Objekt, Karoline Hjorth & Riitta Ikonen, Ole Brodersen, Heymat, Fram Oslo, Northern and Norske Mikrohus among others.

Learn more at - launching 6. september.