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Products Tiril Hjelmeland


Out To Lunch is a presentation of new multidisciplinary work by design students from the Faculty of Art, Music and Design (KMD) at the University of Bergen. Students at KMD have access to a range of workshop facilities that support their studies. These workshops are places for material innovation and discovery. They are the spaces where novel ideas can become a reality and this exhibition aims to convey that atmosphere at a distinctive moment. When designers engage with objects through making, it fortifies the relationship between designer and object. Our hands, tools, and machines are conduits for deep insight into material understanding and can strengthen conceptual frameworks. The objects in this exhibition seek to combine, transform, and reflect. From combining cultures and transforming materials, to reflecting upon traditions and rethinking venerable techniques, each one is linked by common threads that lead to new ways of thinking about the crafts that support their respective design processes.