Ovata Alma col 02 2 1080x1080px 150 dpi
Vista 1080x1080px 72 dpi
Wendelbo Cinder Block 1080x1080 150 dpi
Wendelbo Collar 1080x1080 template 150 dpi
Wendelbo Maho sofa 1080x1080 150 dpi

Hand-crafted elegance brought to life through international design and exquisite quality.

Being at once uncompromising and design-centric at heart, Wendelbo strive for the products to reflect a true passion; to create well-made objects with long-lasting identities in their quality and appearance while breathing refined sentiments into the everyday life of their users.

Wendelbo wants for their designs to infuse their surroundings with emotions of a timeless elegance, informed by the hand-crafted processes that have been an inherent part of the approach since Wendelbo was founded in 1955.