Timberwise Tammi Oak Design Floor Chevron 150 SKY WHITE RGB 5
Timberwise larch Natural Chevron45 110x670mm SNOW WHITE brush waxoil close up 1
Timberwise Design Parquet Kolmio Credit Riika Wikberg 1

A floor is an investment that you can feel under your feet for decades. Therefore, it makes a difference what kind of floor you purchase. At Timberwise we believe that in the long run only one thing is passed on from one generation to the next: quality.

Timberwise is a family-owned company established in 1999, at Loimaa, Finland. We manufacture full plank wooden floors and design floors for people who value natural, safe and high-quality Finnish craftsmanship. Our products are created by combining the best raw material in the world with Finnish carpentry and highly automated manufacturing methods. Our goal is to become known for the best plank wooden floors in the world.