Massimo X Vera & Kyte

Vera & Kyte plays with delicate blends of colors and patterns in their new collection of rugs designed for Massimo; The Affinity.

Vera Kyte6

Massimo, established in Copenhagen, Denmark more than 20 years ago, believes that any interior can be elevated with uplifting colors and pleasant textures. When choosing the materials, Massimo’s focus has always been on well-being, positive impact on the environment, and superior quality. That decision to only work with natural and recycled materials is rooted in the Scandinavian way of living rather than the latest trends. Each material, from bamboo to hemp, lends its characteristics to the rug, making them distinctive and suitable for different areas.

Massimo has a passion for subtle, natural color schemes and long-lasting functional design – but is not afraid to challenge and tempt with a bolder, more colorful alternative. After all, a rug is the soul of a room – and some souls are simply more hot-spirited.”

The collaboration with Vera & Kyte will be a fresh and novel proposition in Massimo’s collection. The rugs will embody Vera & Kyte’s colorful personalities, built on the foundations of Massimo’s expertise in producing textiles handmade from natural and recycled materials.

The design of the collection bridges the gap between the organic and geometric. The soft scattered sprinkles are all neatly framed within a simplistic geometric motif within a solid colour base. The three fields of colour are layered to give an added illusion of depth to the rug and three overlapping fields.This feature has been emphasised by adding subtle height differences in the tufting. The interplay of colour gives a nod to the iconic works of Josef Albers.

“We are proud to be a part of Designers’ Saturday initiative. Being among six great brands opened to fresh ideas from up-and-coming as well as well-established talent is a truly exciting experience for us. DS Collab managed to establish something very special - a collaborative, creative platform for makers and design talent to meet and create. It’s not a competition. There is no rivalry between the participating brands. But kindness and mutual respect. We are just as excited about our collaboration as we are to see what other participants are going to develop. Together, we are set to create one of Norway's most exciting design showcases.”

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