Andersen Furniture

Space 480x140x H74 Black Fenix laminate Base black lacquer Mood conference S1 earth
T8 150 120 Tabletop blaqck linoleum with oak white matt lacquer edge Base soldwood oak white matt lacquer Scope armchair Seatback with upholstery remix 3 0242 Base black metal
Hall way Scope bar Stool
Dry armchair terracotta
AD1 220 90 73 Burgundy red linoleum base solid oak whitepig matt lacquer AC2 oak matt lacquer
Close up Scope armchair randesradius
HT1 480 120 108 Base solid wood black Tabletop Black linoleum HC1 H80 Base solid wood black Seat black leather
Scope oak grey frame randerandersradius
Portrait 6
Portrait 7
Scope lounge Hotel lounge

Andersen Furniture believe in curiosity, innovation, and talent. With passion, they design contract furniture with functionality and character with a clean and modern expression. Andersen Furniture design multifunctional and flexible meeting tables and elegant chairs, which do not only provide a comfortable sitting experience, but also contributes to good acoustics.

Andersen Furniture seek to create unique designs with focus on a long-life circle and develop and produce contract furniture in close collaboration with talented architects and designers - together they challenge form, materials and functions. Their vision is to keep doing what they do today, even better perhaps, but with the same degree of commitment and honesty.