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CAMELEO Deco Coatings is a family company based in Śrem near Poznań, Poland. We are a manufacturer of paints and decorative plasters. Our 15 years of experience has allowed us to create a collection of high-quality products for creative people who appreciate beauty, quality and most of all, style. Elements of Nature is a company that specializes in creating natural materials for interior design and architecture. The founders of the company had a vision to develop a material that is both natural and beneficial to humans. After over four years of research and development, they successfully created a unique blend of unfired clays, minerals, river sand, and herbs, which they call Clay Plasters.

CAMELEO paints and decorative plasters are interesting solutions for walls decoration. They could be characterized as an innovative in structure and design. Provided in a wide range of colors, decorative effects can be applied in both; public and commercial spaces. Thus, delivering exceptional solutions for designers.

Elements of Nature - Clay Plasters are unique blends of unfired clays mixed with minerals, river sand and herbs to provide healthy, breathable finishes for internal walls and ceilings.

Our clay plasters are natural and non-toxic, with low VOCs emissions and no synthetic, concrete or lime additives. Made from readily available, naturally abundant materials, they require no processing, only blending. During the manufacturing process very little energy is required, no water is used, and there is zero waste produced.