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VOLA. For life. A new perspective on a time-honoured classic

VOLA has been making life better since 1968.

That’s when we introduced the iconic modern tap to the world. Since then, much has changed, with consumption rising and resources decreasing, but we know that good design can and should last for generations. Our original design, which Arne Jacobsen based on VOLA founder Verner Overgaard’s vision of a new type of concealed, wall-mounted mixer tap where only the handles and spout were exposed, remains the epitome of the modern tap. We have never changed the design, only updating the inner workings to enhance longevity. But our product is only the beginning. The VOLA story touches all aspects of life, from our homes to our public spaces, from time shared to moments experienced alone. It reaches across the generations and into the future.

Perhaps most importantly of all, our approach is defined by our attitude to durability and longevity. Our design is timeless, but true longevity goes much deeper than how a product looks. Our unique modular system, in which all our products can be configured to work in any space and to any design, is integral to our philosophy. By adhering to our original design, we can provide parts for every product made since 1968 and there are still many of those old taps in daily use. There is no obsolescence with VOLA – everything is repairable, and we only release new products when we are convinced that there is a genuine need for it, not just to pander to a new trend.