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EVOline Norge supplies power solutions and ergonomic products for the workplace. The power solutions are produced in our factory in Germany under the strictest quality requirements. We have solutions for integrating electricity into tabletops, meeting tables as well as kitchens and common areas. Our EVOline Express system is used today in hundreds of thousands of workplaces in Norway and is the preferred solution of furniture suppliers and electricians.

Power solutions

EVOline products are market leaders in power solutions for workplaces and meeting tables. We have flexible and proven solutions for bringing power from the wall or floor to the work table. In addition, we have smart and flexible products for embedding in worktops. Several of the products have won design awards, and all products are approved in accordance with Norwegian requirements and rules.

NEW - Circle80 DisQ

We will be showing the Circle80 DisQ - our new integrated power unit which is equipped with a power plug, USB-A, USB-C and a wireless charging plate that provides fast charging and magnetic attachment of the phone during charging.

Monitor arms and ergonomic tools

Our supplier of monitor arms and ergonomic products is Dataflex. We supply monitor arms in all price ranges and with different functionality and colour. Dataflex is a 100% climate-neutral manufacturer.