Fora Form

Knekk wood table and chairs in blended pink
Knekk bench in whitewashed
Knekk barstool in blackstained
Knekk the identity collection blended green blended pink and whitewashed
Knekk wood table in blackstained and chairs in blended green
Knekk bench and Knekk wood table from Fora Form
Knekk barstools smoked oak blackstained and whitewashed
Knekk the identity collection chairs with seat cushion
Fora Form Kvart table dark sky birchply Clint chairs
Fora Form Kvart table green slate birchply Con chairs

Fora Form is one of Scandinavia’s largest furniture manufacturers for social areas where people meet. Through good design, we have created furniture and meeting places since 1929.

Our goal is to create workplaces good enough to match our homes. Our vision is to create furniture and meeting places that enable good meetings between people. At Fora Form, we know that people shape culture, and that culture shapes people. This is our guiding star on our journey to discover more great indoor experiences – wherever people meet.