Kasthall Madison Grace 508 Cobbelstone LS23 portrait
Kasthall Esther 442 Sunlight LS23 portrait
Kasthall Karusell Yellow 400 LS23 2
Kasthall Karusell Blue 200 LS23 2
Kasthall Tegel Centre 5 LS23 2
Kasthall Tegel Corner 4 LS23 2
Kasthall Tegel Side 3 LS23 2

Made in Sweden. Designed for the world since 1889.

Since 1889, we at Kasthall have created unique and contemporary woven and hand-tufted rugs for floors all over the world. Our Design Studio continuously collaborates with the world's best textile designers to develop premium rugs, all produced at our factory in Kinna, Sweden – only using the finest materials. We are active in 30 countries, with showrooms in Stockholm, Milan, and New York.