Linvisibile x Kringsjaa

1 Private residential Living room LOS ANGELES USA 1600x1132 Square
5 Private residential Living room MILAN ITALY 1200x1600 Kvadratisk
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LINVISIBILE Nicchio Boiserie application
6 Private residential Dining room CANNES FRANCE 1600x1131 Square

For unique spaces to work and live.

Linvisibile design and produce in Italy the most elegant doors and partitions you can imagine. To make an opening disappear in the room, or to make a significant estaethical detail depending if open or closed. They have a wide range of standard solutions, but still customized to your particular project. If you want it to hide an opening in the wall or if you want to devide a room, let light in or bring a pattern in between two areas.

Kringsjaa has worked with Linvisibile for several years and have supplied and installed different solutions with hinged, pivoting or sliding doors, all completely flush with the wall.