Naver Collection

Naver Collection PR1 V2 01
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A vision of uncompromising Danish cabinetmaking and comtemporary design

True Naver cabinetmaker

We take pride in every detail. This sentence has been our guideline at all times when designing, producing and constantly developing the Naver Collection. Every piece of furniture is produced by cabinetmakers who honour the classic principals and traditions and know that the detail makes the difference.

Each piece of furniture in the Naver Collection design concept has its own unique characteristics. Made as a part of the whole, where form and function are combined in an outstanding and consistent design. This is the core of our philosophy and the foundation of our craftsmanship.

Our team of dedicated cabinetmakers have the same love for their craft and for wood. We are working with new technology and design as we use the most advanced machinery along with our craftsmanship. Every piece of furniture is assembled and finished by hand, because we believe that the craftsmanship and the detail creates the overall impression.