Stordal Møbel AS

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Stordal Contract is operated by Stordal Møbel AS, which was established in 1932 by furniture pioneer Ole Gustav Stavseng. Since then, the family-owned business has become a brand supplier of high-quality furniture in the premium segment and has won design awards in Norway and internationally. Our furniture is developed and produced in the valley of Stordal in Sunnmøre, with a focus on design, quality, comfort, and sustainability.

The Nordic design language has been rooted in Stordal's designs from the very beginning, appealing to quality-conscious individuals who appreciate simple, beautiful, and functional furniture. Our design team strives to use the finest materials and components, combining generations of craftsmanship traditions with modern technology.

Our collection has been tested and approved according to the strict requirements of NMIK-Miljøfakta, an environmental and quality standard based on international norms and requirements.

Stordal Contract will be showcasing the modern lounge series Kvitegga, the classic chair Fjørå, and the design chair Nordkapp which won the Design Award for Good Design from the Norwegian Design Council in 2011. Fjørå was designed by Stordal Design Team, while Kvitegga and Nordkapp were designed by Inventas and Stordal Design Team.