String Furniture

String system living room 6 1200x1600
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String system museum kids room 5 1600x1200
String system works workspace oak landscape
String system hallway beige white 2 cropped portrait large
Solution string system galvanized outdoor free standing 2 portrait
String works work space ash white 1 landscape
Inspiration string system museum living room white orange accessories metal floor panels portrait

Born in 1949. Thousands of new configurations yet to be discovered. Designed and made in Sweden.

String Furniture is Swedish design company that produces a number of modern classics and furniture brands. More than 95 percent of our furniture is made in Sweden, using renewable, recyclable or recycled materials.
String® has earned a place in design history thanks to the elegant simplicity and ingenious construction that can be put together in an infinite number of configurations and is just as modern as when it debuted in 1949.
Pira G2, originally conceived by Olle Pira in 1954, in a contemporary interpretation by Anna von Schewen and Björn Dahlström in 2023. A distinctly modern centre-piece design with a gentle nod to the 1950s.
Museum™, designed by TAF Studio, for the reopening of the Swedish National Museum in 2018.

Works, designed by Anna von Schewen and Björn Dahlström. The idea behind Works came to life through their desire to design sensible and inspiring workplaces with a high level of functionality for both the home and the office environment.

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