Lammhults Møbel

Lammhults Bau modularseating lightblue Ciao table yellow e01
Lammhults Ciao table yellow black beige lightblue d01
Lammhults Bau modularseating lightblue grey yellow Ciao table yellow lightblue e01
Lammhults Bau modularseating table lightblue d01
Lammhults Bau modularseating red Ciao table lightblue e01

At Lammhults we are convinced that design has a great potential to improve our everyday lives and to contribute to more meaningful and sustainable ways of living. The optimistic spirit is a defining characteristic of Lammhults – a vital part of our heritage since 1945.

Space matters.

Founded in 1945 and headquartered in Lammhult, Sweden, Lammhults’ work develops a dialogue between space, materials, history, craft and technology in response to develop contemporary furniture for various kinds of spaces – formal and informal meeting places, public spaces and domestic settings.

Lammhults is part of Lammhults Design Group.