Ateljé Lyktan x Ingrid Aspen

Ateljé Lyktan wanted to explore what is the morning lighting. Norwegian designer Ingrid Aspen used the older Anna lamp as an inspiration when designing a pendant lamp for ambient light to create a cozy feeling in the room as well as provide a good functional light.


Ateljé Lyktan was founded by the architect Hans Bergström in 1934. The head office and factory are in Åhus, which is located by the Baltic Sea in Skåne. Lamps and lighting solutions have been produced here for over 88 years and the well-stocked archive has defined Swedish design over the last century. But Ateljé Lyktan does not rest on old merits, we are constantly busy creating the next generation of lighting.

Ateljé Lyktan puts light, people and the environment at the center. The importance of light for human activity and well-being is the driving force. With solid lighting knowledge and a wide range, Ateljé Lyktan has innovative, energy-efficient and sustainable products.

The new pendent lamp has clear references to the previous “Anna”. The idea is to reform the previous fixation and into larger "loops" and focus these onto the screen. It is also an intention to increase the diameter of the rings that are covered with linen and used as fasteners for the linen textile at the bottom and top, to update the proportions and exaggerate the grips.

The recognizable fixtures are not included here, instead the focus is on the play between a drawn textile (such as the Anna lamp) and the contrast with a draped version of the same textile. There are large rings, again with a larger diameter on the tube itself than the rings on the Anna lamp, and again – clad in textile. Here it is possible with variations of draping and transition between a drawn and draped textile as suggested by the sketches on the previous page. The idea throughout the process is:

- Give the light life and materiality, create atmosphere by filtering technical light through a natural linen fabric

- Using drapery as an effect and reference to the atmosphere around the table, a tight tablecloth that becomes wrinkled

- An Ateljé Lyktan classic as a starting point, but with an updated style

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