Fora Form x Dominyka Barkauskaite

Dominyka’s work with creating a room divider for Fora Form involves experimentation through hand & 3D sketches, various prototyping, testing, and trials of the Mod system concept.

DS collab Fora Formx Dominyka 2

Fora Form is one of Scandinavia's leading experts in meeting spaces based on values such as democratic processes, trust, and equality. For these settings, Fora Form manufactures furniture such as tables, chairs, and sofas. All our original designs are designed to make people work better together and thrive in their organizations.

Fora Form is looking into making accessories for the contract market. In this process, they asked themselves what would be the perfect accessory based on the Fora Form brand promise of “creating engaging meeting spaces”? With Fora Form's vision of “Interaction through innovation and design wherever people meet”, can design be a conversation starter, and what would such a design object be?

Dominyka Barkauskaite, a Lithuanian designer based in Copenhagen, expresses the design philosophy through emotional perspective and interaction with objects. The key principle of her work is to observe how people interact with objects to build a relationship that lasts and brings an element of excitement.

Her answer to For a Form’s question is Mod – which stands for modular & modification. Mod is inspired by an inter-slot game from the 60s. Modular elements can be combined infinitely and create a balance in bigger spaces, to make them neither too intimate and closed, nor too open. She aims to bring the play and create cozy and more private islands for meaningful conversations. The divider concept is designed to be a versatile yet playful way of separating space, absorbing sound, and serving as a sculptural shelf that interacts with space in 4 dimensions.

The Mod system base is planned to be made of recycled aluminum. While the upper structure will be combined from organically died valchromat and mineral wool acoustic panels.

“Truthfully, this collaboration is invaluable for me as a young designer. I get to work with a prominent contract market company, expand my knowledge portfolio, and last but not least - observe the working flow of other participants. I am grateful to be a part of a Norwegian-based design event and hope that it will grow bigger to connect and spark more exciting collaborations.”

“I relate with R.L. Peter's words that “Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future.”

Dominyka Barkauskaite

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