Object Carpet x Stine Aas

Norwegian designer Stine Aas has deep dived into the world of architect Sverre Fehn in her work with designing a brand new rug for Polyflor/Object Carpet.

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Polyflor Nordic is an Oslo-based manufacturer of a full range and high quality, high-performance resilient floor covering. Polyflor is also part of James Halstead Plc, with UK headquarters based in Manchester.

Polyflor is constantly striving to improve processes and products to reflect the changing demands of the marketplace.

The foundation of Polyflor’s success is customer focus. Polyflor works closely with contractors, specifiers, and end users to understand their requirements and provide the ideal flooring solution for any installation.

Polyflor’s vision is to reduce carbon emissions across all operations and continue responsible sourcing and recycling efforts. The Three Pillars of Sustainability fully encompasses the business model, which focuses on Environment, Society, and Economic sustainability.

Polyflor wanted to develop one or more custom rugs inspired by Fjordfiesta's Norwegian design furniture, especially the Sverre Fehn collection.

Materials for the carpet are from Object Carpet, a German renowned carpet manufacturer with a high focus on the environment.

Stine Aas has an MA in spatial and furniture design from the Bergen Academy of Art and Design, and creates products and furniture that blend character and simplicity. Her work is inspired by the everyday interactions between people and the objects around them, and she typically combines the visual, tactile and the functional in her design.

Stine’s answer to Polyflors request is Fragmented, a series of three rugs inspired by the work of Sverre Fehn. Iconic, cubic shapes have been extracted from the architecture, reshaped and placed in a new context. Like Fehn´s visual language, the rugs are simple and honest in their expression. Asymmetrical silhouettes create zones and new compositions in an interior. Like architecture relates to the landscape; the rugs relate to and create relationships with their surroundings.

“I was intrigued by the brief, which was short, and concrete but still very open. I saw this as an opportunity to dive more into the work of Sverre Fehn, which whom I already have a strong relationship to. It is also very exciting to work with an established carpet manufacturer for the contract market with such a big focus on quality and sustainability”.

Stine Aas.

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