HEWI Nordic ApS

F24798 L

HEWI is a specialist in products for the bathroom that have a Universal Design. We produce accessories and accessibility products adapted to each segment and life situation.

Since its foundation in 1929, HEWI has evolved to become a system provider for comprehensive solutions in the areas of building hardware, sanitary accessories and accessible products. This evolution has been entirely organic as society has and continues to change, and with it the demands on architecture and product design.

By adhering to the fundamental principles of universal design and a sustainable, holistic design philosophy, HEWI has focused on the individual needs of people for more than 90 years.

We take great pride in our decades of experience, constant innovation, our in-depth understanding of shape, colour and materials, as well as impeccable product development, that has always kept people's requirements in mind. It is this that has made HEWI not only the market leader in accessibility, but the acknowledged expert in system design.