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Product philosophy

Hey! Why?

Just another furniture producer with nice ambitions?

Yes, it is a lot of great brands around, and a lot of not so great. It is just that, we can't take another weekend pizza talking about all the rude stuff, slavery in textile and transport, emissions out of control, bad design (ok, thats not so rude), and then talk about the same next day, and next day, and next day, and finding ourselves still doing exactly the same.
So? Why that expensive?

I know, our first collections are not priced in a way that suits all types of people, actually nothing suits all types of people. These furniture get its price from artisan production and a quite complex design with bows and lot of different angles. And of course that everybody in the whole production chain gets paid what they deserve. But, we promise a more diverse product range in future collections, also when it comes to price.
You are talking a lot about ethical production and all that stuff, but?
Yes, you'll always find a but(t).

But ours is naked, we do not try to hide.
We'll promise that when we don't find an alternative thats good for nature and people, we'll work hard to find a better solution, and we'll invite you to join us. Sometime we feel we have to choose between two bad solutions. Like recycled foam in pillows, or feather from industry farming. Or like foam mattress vs natural latex with long transport and rain forrest issues. Certified? Yes, but still making pressure on the rain forrest. The world isn't easy, but if you want a company that from our souls (or brains, even better) want to take good decisions, also when it comes to working conditions, local community, short travelled materials, then we're here. But, we're not perfect, yet.

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