SieMatic kitchens

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There are kitchens, and then there's SieMatic

German Design Award

SieMatic's showroom in Bygdøy allé 54 is awarded for "Excellent Architecture/Retail Architecture" in the internationally recognized design competition German Design Award 2023. Something like this has never happened before in Norway!

This alone is a good reason to visit us...

SieMatic as a kitchen designer, developer and manufacturer, can also show a number of awards. Yes, SieMatic's design and quality have been unique since 1929. Down to every last detail. This will continue to be the case. There are kitchens, and then there's SieMatic. So easy.

An example of the uniqueness of SieMatic is the Pure SLX series. Come and experience the design, the details, the colors, the materials.

During Designers' Saturday, the export director from SieMatic, Tobias Holzhauer, is also present. If you want to be updated on kitchen trends, you should come and listen to what's happening at SieMatic...

But by all means: If you prefer a private meeting, just call us on 22 12 06 16 or send a few words to [email protected].

But there are several good reasons to visit us these days:

New wardrobe brand in Norway

Finally, something new and unique is happening on the wardrobe front - and it's happening at Bygdøy allé 54: During Designers' Saturday 2023, wardrobe solutions from Italian Caccaro (see her) will be launched in the Norwegian market!

The representatives of Caccaro are cordially present!

Gagganau - the innovator within appliances

SieMatic matches Gaggenau – or was it the opposite?

In any case, you should stay updated. Then you can't miss Gaggenau. We present the latest new products - and representatives of Gaggenau will of course be present!

Something tasty on the plate

It should also be nice to be able to meet to get to know the new innovator within wardrobes in Norway; Caccaro. And of course everything else you will find in SieMatic's showroom. Then something good to bite into for our guests.

Something good in the glass

Good drinks also belong in a pleasant team.
Need more reasons to come? Here's one: You'll meet nice people - including SieMatic's interior designers!

Bygdøy allé 54 is the place

On Friday, you have to get to SieMatic on your own - we are right by Frogner church and Bølgen & Moi Gimle.

On Saturday, you can take one of the DS buses to stop no. 8 (Olav Kyrres plass) and walk the last meters up to Bygdøy allé 54.

Welcome to new experiences!