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Hausmanns gate 16

VAD is a Norwegian furniture manufacturer, with beautiful and elegant furniture solutions for public environments, healthcare and institutions. For five generations, we have focused on design, function and comfort.

Darwin: VAD's brand new modular sofa system - designed for the future! Simple maintenance, repair and upgrading with a view to longevity, reuse and circular economy.

An inviting, flexible sofa solution, with superb sitting comfort and an almost infinite number of conversion possibilities. The model is both soft to look at, touch and sit in, and with that invites for well-being. Seat cushions and tables can be combined with low and high backs, as well as armrests, which opens up countless furniture combinations and configurations. All parts can be easily maintained, repaired or replaced! All cushions are replaceable and have removable covers. With this model, VAD introduces comfort and style in a unique way, pioneering new ideas. What will your combination be?

Darwin - with a view to preserving the environment!