Worth knowing before signing up

  • The board plans to carry out DS in September 2023.
  • Party tickets are not included in the participation fee, these can be ordered in the application form and everything will be included in the same invoice. If the party is cancelled, the ticket price will be refunded.
  • Postponement/cancellation; If we have to cancel due to a force majeur, the participation fee will be refunded with the exception of the membership fee for 2023; NOK 5,000 to secure administrative costs and capital for the planning of the next DS.
  • The application form is open for registration from 1st of March to 16th of April. If you register later, the participation fee increases.


Friday: Professional day, all showrooms open. No buses. No alcohol before 3pm.

Saturday: Professional day. Traditional Designers' Saturday. The DS buses are running all day. Saturday Night Party.

Sunday: Trade activities for exhibitors, trade visitors and others interested in design at AHO and KHiO. Other showrooms close. No buses.

Participate as a CO-OP exhibitor

CO-OP is part of the program we run in collaboration with Norwegian design education programs and is supported by the Cultural Council. As CO-OP exhibitors, we connect you with selected students for collaboration on concept, design and implementation of the exhibitions. The goal is to create "showstoppers"; exhibitions or installations that stand out with high creativity and unique design. Limited number of exhibitors. Fee NOK 10,000 per exhibitor, in addition we recommend setting aside a budget for materials and construction of the installation.

Free space?

If you have vacant premises and space for several exhibitors, be quick to contact us and we will assist with finding suitable exhibitors.

Read more at Information for exhibitors