Lars Beller Fjetland

Emboldened by elements of his Nordic upbringing, Lars Beller Fjetland has fostered a deep appreciation and discernment for the natural world and its contribution to design.

Lars Fjetland Beller

In 2011 he established his self-titled design office, Beller Design, with the ambition to create objects that fulfill their purpose without sacrificing the aesthetic appeal for which they are sought. He believes it is a designer’s mission to create objects that are enduring and will appeal to generations to come.

Both curious and pragmatic, he strives to underscore the inherent qualities of natural materials - functional, sustainable, and innately beautiful. The multi-award winning designer focuses on developing long term collaborations with international brands such as L.Ercolani, HEM, HAY, Spinneybeck, Hydro and Bottega Ghianda.

«I strongly believe that it’s our responsibility as designers to create products that solve existing problems without creating new ones. This is the only sustainable way of introducing a new product into the market. We need to be thinking about the entire lifecycle of a product, from cradle to grave. This should be the rule, rather than the exception.»

Lars Beller Fjetland