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Design with a story to tell.

Fram Oslo is a family owned company founded to bring Norwegian design into more homes around the world.

We have a desire to develop high quality products with a modern and sustainable signature lasting for generations.

We are inspired by Norway’s stunning natural wonders, how function plays a vital role in design and all other aspects of Norwegian daily life.

Fram Oslo´s products are beautiful and useful, and they are all designed by Norwegian designers.

Fram Oslo emphasizes the importance of the story behind the designs. Several of our designers have found inspiration in traditional Norwegian culture and furniture and brought this into design of new products that fits in our homes today. We love how our products tell a story that can continue on in the lives of our customers.

Made in Norway

Fram Oslo works with Norwegian producers that have expert knowledge in their fields and experience which is important when bringing new designs to market. By keeping the production close, Fram Oslo develops a unique relationship with the producers and can continuously evaluate how the products affect the workers and the environment.