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Silenzio restaurant
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Design culture, experimentation and aesthetic research, never disconnected from functional quality and efficiency: this is the system of values that has determined the identity of Luceplan since its founding in 1978.

The Luceplan catalog contains an extensive, versatile range of lighting fixtures with very high standards of performance, ready for customizing to adapt to the complexity of special projects: fixtures that combine functional quality with decorative impact, in homes and in contract applications.

Besides the deployment of the most innovative materials and technologies, the firm's experimental character has immediately been applied to address issues of environmental impact and energy savings, both by conducting research on recycled and recyclable materials for various product lines, and through the rationalization of the production process as a whole: from the idea to the assembly to the packaging, guaranteeing a correct life cycle for the fixtures, including correct use and disposal. Today Luceplan is one of the leading companies in the lighting sector on an international level, with a unique, unmistakable identity thanks to the purity of its design and the innovative technology of its products.