Mater 11001 Eternity Side Chair Campaign Instagram Portrait 1400x2000px 2
Mater 3 DOD 2023 Acrylic Cubes
Mater 3 DOD 2023 Arla Waste
Mater 3 DOD 2023 Eternity Sidechair Front
Mater 3 DOD 2023 Material Lab1

Founded in Copenhagen in 2006, Mater was created to be the pioneering global brand with sustainability embedded in its core.

From the very beginning the ambition was to inspire a global design audience and engage people into sustainable thinking. Mater combines sustainability and circular production using waste, with timeless design, through collaboration with an external base of well-established and new design talents.Designed for both commercial and residential use, Mater strive to avoid and minimise any adverse impact on society, by following ethical and sustainable production criteria and creating products that will both stand the test of time and inspire the consumer to cherish and savour them.

Together we are comitted

After years of research for more sustainable ways to create furniture, lighting and objects we now work with a range of production partners with the same ambition as us, creating partnerships for change and supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Together we are committed to searching for new and better ways of making beautiful design - in a responsible way.