Lundhs Real Stone

Lundhs Antique 2 kopi
LA 2 LUNDHS Lundhs Antique kopi
Lundhs Antique fliser og vask
Lundhs Real Stone LE1
Lundhs Real Stone LE3
Lundhs Royal 1 kopi
Lundhs Royal post 1 2
Lundhs Real Stone LE2
Lundhs Blue utekjøkken vask
Lundhs Blue polished




30, Ruseløkkveien, Ruseløkka, Sentrum, Oslo, 0251, Norge

Natural Stone from Norge - unique, beautiful and durable

Lundhs Real Stone is a collection of Norwegian natural stones of the type Larvikite and Anorthosite from Lundhs AS. The stones were formed by nature several hundred million years ago and are only found in Norway. The stones' extremely good application properties in combination with the beautiful colors make them particularly well suited as surface materials for both indoor and outdoor use.

Natural stone from Lundhs Real Stone provides contrast to the surroundings, highlights textures and colours, and creates a very special atmosphere. The crystals bring life to the stone and are a beauty in themselves, but also provide special properties that make the stone suitable for use on worktops and tiles in your home.

Visit us on Designers Saturday and we will give you advice on availability, the use and installation of Lundhs Real Stone.