Caccaro wardrobes

5 CORE anta telaio vetro
6 ROOMY modulo porta tv apribile
3 CABINA particolare
1 1 particolare attrezzatura interna
5 CABINA lineare
3 2 particolare
2 1 GRID
2 ROOMY modulo specchio girevole
1 CORE apertura totale
9 CORE terminale 42 7 20 appendiabiti

News in Norway: Unique wardrobes from Italy

After searching throughout Europe for several years, we now have the pleasure of launching Italian Caccaro in the Norwegian market.

Why Caccaro?

  • Fantastic design
  • Unique and highly functional solutions
  • Large selection in materials, colours, widths, heights, depths
  • Very high quality
  • "Value for money"

During the DS days, we invite you to the brand new showroom at SieMatic in Bygdøy allé 54. There you will experience that Caccaro is truly a novelty in the Norwegian market, meet representatives from the developer/manufacturer and of course establish contact with our own interior designers.

In addition to wardrobes, Caccaro also has furniture for bedrooms and living rooms...

Here you can take a sneak peek at Caccaro right now...

There are kitchens, and then there's SieMatic

At the same time as you get to know Caccaro, you get a solid insight into the wonderful world of SieMatic. It is not without reason SieMatic has been the world's most recognized kitchen since 1929!

Export director Tobias Holzhauer is present and can certainly update you on trends in the kitchen world.

Feel free to prepare yourself by taking a look at SieMatic here...

Gaggenau - the innovator in appliances

Gaggenau appliances perfectly match SieMatic; both are focused on design, both are innovative and both have "always" been there. Yes, Gaggenau right from 1683!

Can't wait? Look here...

Bygdøy allé 54 is the place

On Friday, you have to get to SieMatic on your own - we are right by Frogner church and Bølgen & Moi Gimle.

On Saturday, you can take one of the DS buses to stop no. 8 (Olav Kyrres plass) and walk the last meters up to Bygdøy allé 54.

Something tasty on the plate

It should also be nice to be able to meet to get to know the new innovator within wardrobes in Norway; Caccaro. And of course everything else you will find in SieMatic's showroom. Then something good to bite into for our guests.

Something good in the glass

Good drinks also belong in a pleasant team.
Need more reasons to come? Here's one: You'll meet nice people - including SieMatic's interior designers!

Welcome to new experiences!