SYD Interiør

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SYD produces responible furniture textiles made of Norwegian wool from Spælsau and dyed with Norwegian flora for unique and contemperary interior and designs solutions.

SYD Interior produces furniture textiles made of wool from the sheep breed Norwegian Spælsau, dyed with plant colors, for unique building, interior- and design solutions.

Spælsau is an old Norwegian sheep breed that also was used by the Vikings for all their woolproducts.The wool from Norwegian Spælsau has today very little value in Norway and large parts of this resource are unfortunately not utilized.

The textiles SYD produce contains no synthetic fibers and for that reason do not emit microplastics. The textiles can be recycled in their entirety. In addition, the yarn that is woven into textiles, is dyed with plants from Norwegian flora and old Norwegian cultivated plants grown organically. In this way the dyeing is carried out without toxic chemicals that harm health or the environment.

The background for the development of the textile was the desire to contribute with an environmentally friendly interior product that does not harm the environment or indoor climate. The desire was also for a Norwegian value chain so that there were no long transportation between raw materials and production, to utilize unused resources, and to produce products that are regenerative. The textile SYD is created by mixing traditions and craftsmanship with production.

All SYD's textiles are tested for pilling, fire, durability and lightfastness in line with the industry's standards.

SYD is now working further with development and research in order to be able to expand its collection.

SYD Interior is runned by the owner and founder Karen Boye, located in Arendal, Norway. The website will soon be translated into English. IG @syd.interior