New concept for this year´s Unika auction

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Unika is held this year for the third time and consists of prototypes from over thirty Norwegian designers. Unlike previous years the auction this time features newly developed and still unknown prototypes, that will be exhibited from September 8th to 10th followed by an online auction organized by Blomqvist.

Unika auction was previously held in both 2017 and 2019, with a break in 2021 due to coronavirus restrictions. While in previous years collectors and designers could submit existing objects and prototypes for the auction, this year Norwegian designers have been invited to showcase their new products created specifically for the auction. The result is a collection of works that have never been shown before.

– We wanted to invite Norwegian designers to do something entirely new this year and reached out based on their portfolios. Fold Oslo is the curator and has gathered the best of what Norwegian design has to offer, says Vilde Hagelund of Designers' Saturday. – We spent a lot of time going through potential designers since there are so many incredibly skilled creatives in this small country of ours. We aimed to present a mix of established practitioners and up-and-coming names to truly showcase the spectrum between industrial design, craftsmanship and various working methods that also encompass a wide range of knowledge and experience. The creatives were invited based on their previous work and we gave them complete artistic freedom. It has been incredibly exciting to follow them through the process. Most have developed an entirely new product specifically for the auction, while some have transformed an existing product and developed it in a new way. The result is a collection of products that truly capture the current state of Norwegian design.

The auction includes everything from furniture design to lighting, textiles, mouth-blown glass and objects, and is ment as an opportunity for designers to showcase their field and express their design identity, whether through traditional furniture design or more artistic and sculptural objects. The exhibition is open to the public from September 8th to 10th at Bankplassen 4, and all contributions will be available on Blomqvist's online auction from the opening of the exhibition until September 24th.

– Previously the auction itself was live with an audience and took place solely during Designers' Saturday. How is the auction arranged this year?

– We have a very good and experienced partner in Blomqvist, who was also involved in both 2017 and 2019. Unlike previous Unika auctions, the exhibition continues after Designers' Saturday and moves to Blomqvist's premises in Fornebu, where it will remain throughout the auction period. Each product has its own page on Blomqvist's website with images, information, and the option to bid. This might also make it easier for potential bidders, as they can calmly review each product.

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This years exhibitors are:

Runa Klock

Sander Kommedahl

Sovei Giæver

Tale Berger Hølmebakk

Taran Neckelmann

Tobias Berg

Lars Tornøe

Vilde Hagelund

Lars Beller Fjetland

Live Berg

Nadine Fumiko Schaub

Oslo Aula

Hunting & Narud

Andreas Engesvik

Poppy Lawman

Rasmus Stride

Hanne Kvig

Hlín Studio

Ida Hagen

Jonas Stokke

Kathrine Hovind

Fredrik Bull

Anna Marie

Øfstedal Eng

Frost Produkt

Kim Thomé

Andreas Bergsaker

Jenkins & Uhnger

Are Mokkelbost

Edvin Klasson

Francesca Giulia Poli