Combine Evolution Inside System Track Tabula Open evolution shelves high
Xila Antibes System 2 high
Aprile Sloane Tabula Open Evolution shelf hood Hide 1 high
Free Zone Upper Wings Solstice Boccia Iceland 2 high
Upper Boiserie Garden Eclipse Round Fisher Antibes WIC 2 high

The story of Italian design is also a little history of the Boffi family.

Under the wise direction of the three ADs Luigi Massoni, Antonio Citterio and now Piero Lissoni, many designers participated thanks to their different background and knowledge.

Built in nearly 90 years of work, Boffi is today represented in over 60 countries and renowned for its combination of unique materials, quality and design.

Every Boffi collection hides an idea that strikes an emotion and seizes the senses.