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inoff was founded at the start of the 2000’s in Bjärnum, Skåne (Sweden), which has a grand history and tradition when it comes to manufacturing of furniture. The company was at first included in a concern with a parent-company who sold home furnitures to the furniture specialist trade of Scandinavia. Through developments of adjusted models towards home furniture, inoff reached at first primarily restaurants, staff dining rooms and cafés. The name “inoff” comes from the Swedish words “inredning till offentlig miljö”, meaning “furnishing for public spaces”, and that was exactly what direction the parent-company wanted from inoff when it was founded.

Furniture where the genius lies in the simplicity is what we are passionate about. inoff’s vision is to offer market-grade furniture characterised by price-value, function, comfort, and style. To achieve these ends, insight, responsiveness, and passion are required in every step. In our endeavour to become a leading supplier for your projects, we have a clear ambition to continually develop. Quality and environment are in focus. We look forward to sharing our developments with you – now and in the future. With hope for a wonderful and exciting time to come.