Ella milieu 002
Ella milieu 003
Ella milieu 005
01 Ella group 05
Ella group 06
Bobby laptop table and Noora 01
Bobby sit and stand table 01
Noora Work Box group 001
Pod Booth 06
Pod Booth Duo 002
01 Pod Booth Meeting 001
Sono 12a

MARTELA COLLECTION - Combining uncompromising quality, usability and timeless design

Our range of products makes it easy to create a unified and beautifully functional ensemble for an office, a school or any other public space. Task chairs, desks, sofas, phone booths and meeting modules – our extensive collection contains the right piece of furniture for your every requirement. Take a look at our ergonomic office furniture or school furniture, which you can also purchase as a flexible service.

Our maintenance service guarantees that the furniture has a long life. Furniture in good condition promotes both wellbeing and comfort at work. With the help of our recycling service, recycling furniture is responsible and easy.