1009000 Megumi Small Brass lifestyle
1000400 BONDI Natural Ash lifestyle
1000800 1000824 1000802 1000834 1000804 1000844 Hardie showroom
1001003 Planet lamp Electric Blue Enviroment 1
1001900 1001920 Proxima lifestyle
1000407 1000405 Bondi Basque red Black lifestyle
1004003 Nouveau Pin Basque Red lifestyle
1001800 Mimesis 1001701 Tokio 1007010 Triptych lifestyle

PLEASE WAIT to be SEATED introduce contemporary designs which have the potential of becoming classics. Before launching a new design, they always ask themselves: “Will this design in its entirety, become a long lasting object, we someday can pass on to our children?” The design collection has its own characteristics with a focus on basic graphic shapes, good craftsmanship, and sustainability in terms of production methods and durable design.


Studio Thune

Drammensveien 130 B13