SAVO 360 studio 02 HERO LR
NEET location 01 black 360 LR
SAVO Soul white studio 02 front LR
SAVO Studio studio 02 front LR
SAVO 360 location 02 conference LR
SAVO Eos studio 03 front LR
SAVO 360 location 01 meetsocial orange ash solo LR
SAVO Soul Conference studio 01 front v1 LR



Studio Skøi

Drammensveien 120/130

Pushing the seating experience.

Since the beginning in 1945, Savo has pioneered the way modern and ergonomic office chairs look and work in Scandinavia. We are putting people and planet first trough incredible comfort and smart, sustainable design. We take pride in pushing the seating experience and continue to challenge and influence the standard for tomorrow’s chairs.

You are very welcome to visit our brand new studio in central Oslo and see our latest products!