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Viccarbe Last Minute
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Studio Skøi

Drammensveien 120/130

Viccarbe is a Spanish company manufacturing contemporary furniture for collaborative spaces from all around the world, under the “zero kilometer” premise. Since its origin in 1999, its aim is to inspire Mediterranean experiences with flexible and timeless chairs, stools, armchairs, sofas, tables and other accessories intended for work, leisure and wellbeing.

Viccarbe is located in Valencia, a marvelous Mediterranean city where we enjoy more than 300 days of sun a year.

This light has a great influence on our feeling for colours, warmth of materials and attention to detail, our sense of humour, and the way we look after our friends is what makes us different.

Although Viccarbe’s roots cannot be traced back to a specific date, they are firmly planted in a deep passion for design. This project is the fruit of a shared dream, and it is a story based on friendship, humility, learning and admiration for the furniture industry.

Víctor Carrasco Berlanga, the founder of Viccarbe, learned to design and create as a result of a pragmatic attitude passed to him by his grandfather in childhood, and this attitude proved to be a big help with his dyslexia.

Our collection is an essential collection of Mediterranean pieces for spaces where collaboration and dialog flow