Designer Lex Pott attending TALKS

Skjermbilde 2023 08 16 kl 15 38 20

The Dutch designer is looking forward to sharing his experiences during this year's Designers´ Saturday, including the ups and downs of running his own design studio and the various methods used in product development. – Designers' Saturday is a great arena for sharing experience and knowledge on the field of design, Lex says.

Designer Lex Pott (b. 1985) graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2009 and has designed furniture and products for producers such as HAY, &tradition and Gelderland from his studio in Rotterdam. His work is often characterized by an unexpected playfulness, using color and material combinations whilst always focusing on functionality. – In my studio we focus on material exploration, experiments and various projects. Due to the method of working I never really know the outcome. Therefore we work in a variety of field such as the gallery world, design labels and mass market. My ultimate joy lies in self initiated work that later on can be translated into products. My daily work is not as romantic as I wish. It is also a lot of emails and communication.

During TALKS program Lex will share his story as a designer, which includes both how he runs his practice and the various challenges it entails. - Being independent is a great way of woking but is also brings complications and has consequences. I will also try and relate my work and portfolio to the various methods of working. Ranging from self initiated work to commissions for labels and mass market. I think Designers Saturday should be about sharing experience and knowledge on the field of design.

– I remember wanting to become a designer very early. I was raised in a family of artists - my father was a painter and my mother a sculptor. I always went to museums and grew up in a very creative artistic family. However I also realized that making a living as an artist was not easy. When I heard after high school that there was an education like the design academy Eindhoven I was convinced. This was titled applied arts, so it was all the artistic values combined with function. Up until today it has been one of the best decisions I ever made.

– What does an "ordinary day" in your studio look like?

– At this stage we mainly work for design labels and mass market. The types of products are very diverse. From furniture to home accessories. I try to work as hands on as possible. Doing material experiments and making scale models to explore products and material behavior. I also have a full studio that functions as a material library. This consists of old projects, samples, and never executed designs. This brings me a lot of input for new ideation and projects.

– Have previously attended Designers´ Saturday Oslo?

– It´s actually my first time at DS so therefore I am excited about it. I am mainly interested in seeing the current design climate and direction in Oslo. Understanding the typologies and seeing the new objects in relation to the culture and city. I have a very dense and compact program, ranging from party to lectures, exhibitions and debate. Therefore I will come as a sponge to absorb as much as I can and share my experiences as a designer. I am looking forward a lot to meeting people and having conversations.