Prominent names for this year's TALKS Program

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Cecilie Tyri Holt is the moderator for TALKS during this year's Designers' Saturday, featuring names such as Erwan Bouroullec, Alfredo Häberli, and Kristine Five Melvær. She is excited to get to know the designers better and shed light on this year's theme through panel discussions, live interviews, and lectures.

Cecilie Tyri Holt holds a master's degree in art history with a thesis on Edvard Munch's photographic practice and has practical education in the field of art. She has worked as an art journalist, critic, editor, and author of various art books for nearly 20 years. In 2017, she also started Norway's first podcast about art, "Kunstpodden."

Her role during Designers' Saturday will be as facilitator, journalist, conversational partner and moderator for DS Talks. The program is a combination of brief presentations by the designers themselves as well as live interviews with the designers conducted by the moderator herself. There will also be panel discussions with several contributors, focusing on the theme of this year's DS, collaboration. – On a daily basis I develop communication concepts where art and design are at the core, serving as the foundation for a broader and interdisciplinary exploration of socially relevant themes. I intend to apply this approach to the conversations we'll be hosting during DS. What significance, both positive and negative, do art and design hold for people and the world we inhabit?

– What can you tell us about the different names attending this year's event?

– This year's lineup of contributors is nothing short of fantastic! From Erwan Bouroullec to Helena Sandman, Tina Norden to Lex Pott, Jay Gort to Kristine Five Melvær, Christophe Guberan, Alfredo Häberli, Simon Anund, and Marius Myking from Snøhetta, among others. It's a star-studded and diverse cast representing a wide range of expressions and concepts. It will be exciting to probe the contributors on how they engage with the theme of collaboration. I know that this theme is addressed in various unique ways among the designers. The production company behind Kunstpodden, Flink Pike, will record the entire live program and after this year's event we'll start the editing process to create episodes of Kunstpodden that make the insightful words from this year's DS Talks available to those who can't attend in person.

– What are you looking forward to the most at this year's Designers´ Saturday?

– I'm excited about getting to know the designers better. Reading up on projects, concepts, and artistic practices is one thing, but actually hearing a designer talk about their work and the way they approach a subject and how they think is something else entirely. I'm also excited about the panel discussions. It's always intriguing to bring together diverse individuals with different backgrounds to illuminate a common theme. That's where magical and unforeseen things can happen!

Photo: Werner Anderson